The Iowa Specialty Crop Growers Association (formerly, the Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association) is the membership organization for producers of fruits, vegetables, and specialty crops in the state. All producers, large or small, who are growing fruits, and vegetables or specialty crops for sale, are welcome to join. The Association:
● provides support, information, and education for grower/members, on production and marketing, especially through its annual Specialty Crop Growers Conference.
● assists members/growers working toward sustainability via economic and best management practices.
● promotes Iowa specialty crop industry to consumers and policymakers.
● advocates for its members and is a voice for specialty crop growers in the state.
● promotes and supports the health/wellness of consumers and the general community/economy by providing them with wholesome, fresh and local produce and specialty crops.

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Board of Directors

Maury Wills (President)
Bryan Etchen (Vice President)
Benji Deal (Secretary)
Steve Black (Treasurer)
Dan Dennison
Lyle Ditmars
Jordan Lyon
Paul Rasch